Hi, I’m Adam Delezenne, a humble web developer.

I help organizations turn tools like websites and email into their secret weapons for reaching new people. When I’m not taming technical troubles you can find me wrangling my two sons, taking pictures, making beer or otherwise trying to find that beautiful awesome edge wherever I am.

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So if you want to, I don’t know, work together sometime or something. Drop me a line or Setup a call. It will be awesome.

What I do

You have enough going on trying to change the world, you don’t need to fight the internet too. I want to help make it work for you.

Web Development

If your website is not actively helping your bottom line then it is a problem. One we should fix.

Email Campaigns

Email can deliver tangible results for a relatively small investment if you use it right. Send messages to the right people at the right time that hit home.


I approach marketing and communications as a chance to build communities. Your organization has a collection of markets and relationships that you need to connect with, these are your community. Growing that community takes patience, flexibility and creativity. You will need to get know your markets and what works for them.

I try to be very pragmatic. Sometimes the full integrated marketing plan is more than you have capacity to put into effect. My focus is on helping you build your internal organizational capacity for communications by putting the internet to work for you.

It’s not a only a matter of a sharp presentation but of connecting with people in a way that they are open to receive. You are doing some awesome things, don’t let a website from 2005 make people think you aren’t still doing them today.

I believe in

Coding for Good

I want to use my skills to build communities, create new opportunities and work with others who are trying to do the same.

Reciprocal Relationships

I want us both to understand and believe in the value that we are going to create for each other.

Building something new

I love the challenge of creating something new and pushing myself to find a better way to do what has already been done.

Bonus! Much More About Me

I’ve spent most of my professional career working in nonprofit communications. I started at McCormick Theological Seminary as Assistant Director of Communication and left as Director of New Media Communications. With my help McCormick realized the great opportunity that digital communication tools represented. The internet has become the default medium of story telling for our culture. We turned expensive print publications in agile websites, freeing up funds that used to be spent on printing for investment in developing great content.

McCormick was a great place to get started but my wife, Julie, and I had dreamt of working together at camp. In 2011 we left our home of Chicago for the adventure of Co-Directing a camp. At both the sites we’ve been at I’ve had the additional responsibilities of managing communications for the organization. I’ve learned what it means to tell stories that engage and spur participation in programs. I’ve experienced the struggle to do more to reach the people outside your present community while balancing the ever present needs of running an outdoor ministry.

I earned my undergraduate degree from Lee University in theology in 2003, a Master of Theological Studies degree from McCormick Theological Seminary in 2015 and am presently working on a master’s degree from North Park University in Nonprofit Administration with a certificate in Nonprofit Marketing. If resumes interest you, download mine here. Julie and I have two boys, Isaac and Jude.

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Web Development
I specialize in websites for small and medium sized organizations working on a tight budget. If you need to do a lot with a little, let's talk.

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Email Marketing
Send a strong message to a solid list of addresses and follow up without lifting a finger. Let's turn email into your secret weapon.

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