by Adam Delezenne
Posted June 20, 2017

This was a fun project and the largest I’ve taken on to date! The small website refresh projects are nice, it’s an upgrade for the client and is something I’ve become pretty good at putting together. But a large site built out of concepts and markup languages is really cool to see emerge.

I particularly love being able to spend a couple minutes with Foundation and seeing the basic structure of the site emerge. Things quickly get more complicated from there.

Bonclarken Conference Center’s website is an upgrade from a static site created for them a number of years ago. It was not mobile responsive, updates were onerous it was just not serving their needs very well. I came on as a branch of the work Bonclarken was doing with Run River Enterprises to review and improve a number of aspects of their organization. I, in turn, brought on Jack Schott to create the fantastic look and feel design of the new site.

This new site is built on WordPress. I used Foundation 6 as a starter for the framework and borrowed heavily from the Material Lite library for a number of material-esqe effects. I got to do a lot in this project for the first time like creating admin functions in the Customizer so that Bonclarken doesn’t need to call me up every time they want to change a widget. I also created a lot of custom widgets for them. Many of the internal pages are structured, beyond the template, with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin.

I also created a number of custom layouts inside the template. Above is one that I’m pretty proud of, this is sort of a category header page. It displays the page’s content and then below a layout of all the child pages organized underneath it in the WordPress pages hierarchy. Heights scale dynamically with the amount of text visible thanks to Equalizer (a function of Foundation 6) and with a little bit of PHP magic the block grid layout scales itself to the amount of posts being displayed. Only two? They’ll be displayed in two-up fashion. 12 pages? They’ll show up with four in a row. There were a couple steps in between as well. I thought it was pretty clever.

(Slightly off topic: Foundation 6 is a huge improvement over Foundation 5. Everything is simpler, cleaner, faster, more easily scalable up and down!)

Is this a treatment your website deserves? Get in touch and let’s talk about it.

Adam Delezenne is a freelance web developer and communications consultant serving camps, congregations and small nonprofit organizations. No job’s too big, no job’s too small. Drop me a line

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