by Adam Delezenne
Posted March 3, 2017

Site Coordinator

I am super excited to be able to announce something new: the Presbytery of Detroit has asked me to be the first Site Coordinator for the Motor City Mission Corps! This is a new initiative inspired by the Young Adult Volunteer program of the PCUSA. We’ll be hosting a small group of young adults as an intentional community, living in the City of Detroit and serving as apprentices with several well established nonprofit organizations in the city. While YAV gives us some precedent to follow this is entirely new for us. As their site coordinator I’ll be pursuing funding, building relationships with churches and organizations and recruiting volunteers. Our first class of apprentices is set to start in August of this year!

There’s a lot of work to do between here and there, most important is finding 4-6 adventurous young adults to help us begin this new venture. This first class will have the opportunity to be on the ground helping to shape the program for years to come. See what we’re up to on our website and hit me up at for more information.

Wait, are you still building websites?

Yes, I most certainly am. The site coordinator position is a part time gig so I will still have space for ongoing client work as well as taking on new web and communication projects. Work on continues on several projects, including one large and beautiful site that has been almost a year in the works. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to show it off to you all at the end of March. New work will just be spaced out a bit more generously than before.

If you’ve got a website that you’ve been considering having rebuilt, let’s talk, I’d love to get you on the calendar in the near future.

Adam Delezenne is a freelance web developer and communications consultant serving camps, congregations and small nonprofit organizations. No job’s too big, no job’s too small. Drop me a line

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